What we Work


 We work realizing the needs we face in our realities and achieve a certain space to think OUT FROM the multiple possibilities we have to study and created with. All this sources come with a time experience and for some who are still dreaming with many careers but have find a multi-diversity of lickings it becomes difficult to some extend you could achieve a succeeding work. Then more time experience will pass, studies, different jobs or delusional wanting to work too many things. Lets think lineal and net wise.


   I my self can’t respond to that, specially because I respect your innocent intelligence to figure out that mystery, that privilege to wonder that keeps us going. You may know consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously and perhaps find a ring that connects through all this spaces in our creative working mind.

  I can tell bring you a million stories and related them to the same operandum system of believe that works as it self, as a machine, as an interactive shared of values, matters, in here you could relate to your career better. But who am I to tell you such stories? you must have find by now your own.

WHO AM I? Some people can hung them working clothe and put them self in original motor to be whom they really like to be or simply go crazy in their own world. Many people think that behind that working person is the same person, well no, all this  people you see may have a difference of them own is totally private and sacred. Some other people are very personal and like to dress or have a virtual interface in the same way the work and are. In others you may even find multiple personalities of believe, were they cant be in the same way in the same scenarios. In this case, we must come down, what works for me? Am I too personal to be involved in a work that demand to have less personality and more interface from the establishment, do I like that job for some tendencies in my reasons of believe or taste? Can I use that work in my meaning to exist and produce value? Who am I for this job. Even to work just for the money is reasonable, it can turn just a meditation or sport to be.

WHO ARE YOU? I’m personally working for you or with you, this is the relation of my work, our work, were we find the system of collaboration. Have I study enjoy to fit suited for this career? I could start from bellow and learn more from you. Find more orientation, practice longer new skills, adapt to your level or that level of frequency to manage my work towards what I want. YOU, to work with you of for you, there is a projection in growth. What ever we give or receive, we do hold a very special position. Are you the person I like to work with? I accept whom you are and that you give me as I’m responsible to my job is a must from day one. Then this facts are very important for what you are pointed to work or study with, one may create one style or tendency, yet one is drawn to that way and form of relating this work with the college or Boss.

WHO ARE WE? I some times think, I rather be working with people in Hollywood we are the same, we work with the 7 arts, a script writer may understand photography and the composer of the soundtruck may feel for the actors, yet each one is responsible and recognized as an specialist of them field as they tune to the whole of this arts in one, for one single hour and half movie. Alarm call! wake up! I don’t belong there, maybe my father made movies, maybe I had studied for that, I’m not there. Yet, I’m not in a stage of saying We are This, I’m not in, I’m working perhaps with people who don’t even know how to use a computer and don’t even want to learn but also want me to do the job for them. Hey! this is the reality as rude as it is, I must find my work through to get all the elements necessarily so you get to the WE Level and or prepare a stage to move forward with my present work I must continue, if not find solutions. Working the way WE ARE and work with the people you dream to work with can turn to be the greatest miracle become truth in understanding rather then frustration if keeps with poor choices loosing north and be able to work at that desirable level of harmony who has the necessarily skill to confront the problems and maintains the best work with fluent passion and noble loyalty.

FOR WHOM WE WORK? This is a vital question, and trust me you may be a Doctor but think they are surrounded by sick people and sickness. If are not luck to have a Development Institution to Sponsor their Experiments to cure before the sickness arises and prevent. So you are working for the sick and the heads of the medical Institutions of Universities, Such! Will you be able to succeed many years to get to your target? then it will be worth it.

This was an example, I work for people with talent who will like to have their website and with it a map that present their entity as such in their work. In what ever stage it is and is moving towards. The people I work with are people in search of their own destine, other wise I would have not meet them, a person who is in their destination may not need a map to be find, maybe for decoration or they have one already and it may bring some more clients. Yet, it is those whom I work for that I’m interested, but, is it truth? in the stage that is possible for me, yes, as I work to meet those people and organisations that I wish to meet to expand the work I personally admire. People who are more skilled who can provide more fuel for those in need, for me is to rescue a life, a life who finds its talent in truck, energized, celebrated. In the same way we think, we work for the little and for the big, and our task must be fulfilled.

In this I let you taste that is we work for, thinking and liking something is not the same that being that immediately, and producing the money and energy that require to be maintained yet it creates a path of self research and building a domain trust me, is building your life.

Thank you for being here and share all this steps as we go, thank you.

Patricia Plasencia

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