Poetry Class Blogging

Poetry Class, by the Society of Cool Aid.


You are welcome to come every Monday from 7:00 pm till 8:30pm to Rockbay, 535 Elice St, Victoria, Canada.

And to SandyMeriman on Wensdays from 7:00pm till 8:30pm
Here are the last posters for the Poetry Class.

We are till January of 2014 with the Poetry Class of Cool Aid Society and Independently to those who assist.
Undeground Poetry Inspired by Hamlet
You may find us during this moment at http://coolaidpoetry.wordpress.com/
On to each who assist to do their Domains, we will be adding the work of Poetry in Class from the laptops and facilitators of Literacy Victoria and Uvic from January 2014 directly from your Domain.
  We will be moving further independently to all those who are talented and to the Organizations we chose to favor, we professionalize with photography, recording voice-over, film, editing, facilitating a structural program and follow up to your Domain. The most important for us is to know when are you able to do it alone and let go with the Matrix flow. This will say the readiness to participate in such entities with other and the entities and independents of your like.
Phone: 250.208.1323
Fax: 250.384.4253
ign="right">E-Mail: tecvic@icloud.com
LOCATION: 212-824 Johnson Street, 1st Floor
Victoria, BC V8W 1N3
(BTW. Quadra & Blanshard St.)

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