Creative Rehab

Creative Rehab 101: How Creative Responsibility Will Save your Life.

Before your read this important post and make it up your life, i want you to consider any style of rehab from the past, and that there there are still unexplored realities with our creative. Patricia Plasencia.


Creativity is not a talent.

It’s not a mood or a feeling, it is not art, a special ability or any other temporary state of mind reserved for only a a privileged few.

Creativity is a modus operandi, our intrinsic individual ability to face and respond to the uncertainty and mysteries of our existence. It’s our essential birthright, our fuel for rebelling against decay, our irregular heartbeats and our mind’s engine. It is the basic force of life, a force that runs through you — yes, YOU — and every creature, living organism or any other material manifestation of the cosmos.

Creativity is our most ancient blood and it belongs to us even more than our face, our body, our thoughts, feelings, personality or sense of self. It’s embedded in our cosmic DNA to the extent that we wouldn’t even begin to exist without creativity.

Think of it as a free app that comes with your original human software, but you can go an entire life without its proper installation or use. Mostly because you have no idea it’s there. I’m here to tell you, it is.

The problem.

We are all creatively fucked to different extents. We were born whole and in an intimate, nurturing relationship with our creative powers. Yet while growing up and being forced to absorb and adjust to a materialistic and antagonistic paradigm of the world, we have been separated from this innate ability — our creative amniotic fluid.


Even the most “free” of us — the ones that are successfully holding hands with their creativity on a daily basis, still have a long way to go to fully heal from the damage that this separation from the whole has inflicted on us for what seems like many lifetimes.

Survival might be for the fittest, but the point of our lives is not survival. Whoever told you that, they lied to you. They sold you a suffocating, limiting and false idea of the world and you paid for it in dream currency and lifeless years.

The point of you is aliveness. To be unapologetically, gloriously, dangerously and abundantly alive. To be complete in and of yourself, right here and right now, a conscious mighty creature designing your life, every second, from the office of your mind at the rhythm of your heart, and as a result, creating the world around you.

Creativity won’t make you immortal, but it will add more life to your years.

Survival mode is necessary to get us from A to B, it’s our ability to thrive under difficult and life-threatening circumstances — but Aliveness is the full alphabet, our optimal and natural state of being and it is aliveness, not survival, that will get us everywhere — above, beyond, beneath, below, within and through the heart of all life, which is one and is all — the little thing now beating in your chest.

Our aliveness is much greater than our survival, it is a step further in our evolution and a direct and unique result of fulfilling our creative purpose on Earth. And we can only return to this original aliveness through accepting, surrendering to and intelligently using our creative superpowers.

The beginning of a solution.

So what’s the first thing that needs to die in order for the new to be born? We live in a thinking state of mind and most of us are controlled by our thoughts — to the extent that we don’t even think anymore, rather we are thought by.

It is estimated that we have around 60,000 thoughts a day. Approximately 95% of our thoughts are the same as the day before. And 85% of these thoughts are negative (but that’s another story). Another synonym for negativity is decay. Its most powerful antonym, a creative leap of faith.

But how can we change these thoughts? How do we hit the root of our self-destructive thinking?

In order to understand why we are the way we are, we need to examine our stories — a.k.a. our heart’s currency. The way we express our deepest truths is through stories.

Everything that you believe about your life and the world, from the smallest to the greatest statement you’ll ever think, feel or communicate, is based on an underlying story, that is, a certain belief about the world and our lives.

These subconscious stories running our lives are arbitrary, random and often self-destructive and untrue. But they are hard to change, because they were formulated and adopted in our spongy state of being, our childhood — when we were too young to “under-stand,” long before we had the intellect and mental ability to examine and refuse such beliefs.

So every single thought that passes through our mind either asserts a given reality or idea of the world or it denies it and replaces it by a different one. In thinking and feeling — and consequently, speaking and doing, we are always telling a story, giving a statement, and in doing that, we are formulating, creating the world, thought by thought, feeling by feeling and word by word.

We are storytellers by nature, for better or worse, all we do, all life long is make up stories or believe the stories others made up. Then we tell those stories, and we act out those stories, often simultaneously, which, after so much repetitive thinking they turn into scripts for our lives. To end the cycle, we conform our surrounding, our world, to our stories and educate our children into accepting and repeating them. Yes, welcome to the Matrix.

And soon enough we die and think we’ve actually lived our lives. But have we? Were they ours?

We are creators for better or worse, accept it or refuse it, in sickness and in health, we can’t stop ourselves from happening. Each one of us is an essential part of our collective Universal Creative Team. We are each writing and acting in our own little stories, but these stories intertwine, these notes we play on our lonely instruments create a symphony and add up to the larger Story of the World.

The best and only way to rewrite this universal story is by examining, editing and rewriting our own chapters.

The world is a big, heavy, long unfinished novel. You and I are in this novel. We’re fictional characters gone real. We’re the authors writing ourselves in and out. If you fuck up with your own story — and you can only do this by refusing to live it — my story at large will also be affected. If I fuck up with mine, I will indirectly affect yours.

We are happening on the same pages, at the same time. So we are creatively responsible for ourselves and each other.

Our lives are stories. Somebody is telling them. Our only mission is to become that Somebody.

We are the authors, the writers, the artists, the thinkers, the dreamers and the doers. Most essentially, we are the very stories writing ourselves out on the world’s organic paper, whether we are aware of it or not. So the deeper we can dig into our core stories and find ourselves out, the more creative power we will have over our lives.

As Voltaire first said it, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

This is the real meaning of power: the (supernatural) ability to change your own life, to rewrite your story — not because (victim) but in spite of your circumstances and limiting beliefs (creator) — and as a result, change your world and affect the world at large, by first believing that you can, and secondly, by taking creative responsibility for this unlimited power.

Our ultimate job and mission in the approximately 80 years of human experience we’ve been granted is to learn to see ourselves and the world through the same bright curious kind eyes as when we first found it — and recreate it day by day, through every story we tell, and finally leave it brighter, more alive and well than when we found it.

So, do we have a deal?


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