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Complicating with Difficulties in the Way

 There was not really an easy day today, but at least it came to conclusion. Yes, gardening is the most Defiant Act. I believe in Humanity, I believe in people, I believe they are flowers to garden in a more fertile field.


 What I’m here today to express in this theme is that we will always find complications, and unexpected it matter, 40% Dark Matter in the Universe and the other 40% is also Dark something, just not so dense. Any ways, we shall study science to see the ordinary in a more exiting way, Im here only to help you do a Blog.

 What happens when the landlord is asking me for people who come in my office to have a “Dress Code”? Make up an Agreement for every one to signature. So I had seeing it coming, is natural. I had express to part of the people who do their blogs to come in a certain way. With respect won’t explain it, they did not. Now they will have to signature a paper. This is what defeats difficulties to complications! When need nor to produce inconvenience, we need to be gratifying to the eye, no matter you are a Punk or Heavy Metal, there is a certain code. If you are an African in a Cucus Clan building or you are what ever you Culture and Ego Porpoise will choose we must use some commune sense.

 Now, what happens when some one drops the water near my computer?

 What happens when an other person does an other things I said to not do, then is calling the attention of the Starbucks coffee doer. I can’t welcome your 3 friends in a silence environment where people come to relax, and they are not paying them coffee and look the shits! Hey! You are too cool for school? Then deal with it, but way put your self in that situation? Im not a person with problems, But Im a person ready to confront them for others and let the world cope a little more with a social issue that we have. We have much talent here, right next to one an other. There is exclusion really, more then a Blog for people in need of recognition, more then having a website. I’m here very exited for the goodness they have to bring, Im actually very interested in the Talent, that very wild side talent that sometimes is like an innocent part of the self, right there before your eyes. Pure and enigmatic. I wish to bring that to the front line. Yes! I wish also those to understand how are we exposing our selfs, and I need a make over also, it feel great to change and try new things too in my own scenario.

 We will do a wardrobe together some how, for the pictures and to enter the building and do extra walks in to some coffee and “places” or get a deal with the second hand clothe store I love most who wants to blog too for their designs! What about that! This are the difficulties we confront.

One person walked off from all, because it did not want to be flexible with the happenings, it went competitive, we must loose our selfs some times to get things, some times things are not just personal, they are just the way this world is being designed to be. Lets open our eyes and try to enter all this worlds. Have Presence, be Present.


Working for Jessy.



I have empty the studio and Iron all the fancy clothe to make her next photoshopt. Jessy is a 20 year old girl who dances for free in a Disco, they place the lights on her and she sprays a magical freedom for every one. I would really like to make her Blog into a web side and with it a Portafolio to send to the Agencies here and in Vancouver, for artist or dancers, models? perhaps a Sponsor for her studies. She is being approved for Camosun colleague , I’m very proud of her.Image


Difficulties can track us the path to do something right in a better way.

Difficulties can track us the path to do something right in a better way.

This Card is for one of the most Important person That is facing difficulties with my Help. As this person helps me also to understand it’s work.
When we face a path of creation and know we carry much work under our arm, we find changes and adaptations, I recommend to gather as less judgement to be able to have a clear mind to determine what is need it first in your own steps. A well communication with others and understanding of their times in space makes it more gratifying for both sides to bring harmony towards something creative.

Hello all of you out there

We are here Supporting our friends in the renovation of their work and the continuation from hardish experience and much knowledge to find great sources onto a better life that contains less needs and more satisfaction for life. Thanks for coming, we enjoyed the altruist work of providing to each other.

life changes for addictions

I have just joined this site in hopes to realize my goals and dreams that I plan to put into action. This is supposed to be a safe place for people of any age to post, to enquire, to seek support, advice and to just converse. 

This site focuses on people between 12 and 40 who struggle with life and life’s challenges, be it surroundings, upbringing, traumas, abuse, violence, crime, bullying, troubles improving one’s life and alternatives to paths that led into destruction and misery. Image

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 “Clumsy, klutzy and so totally is she. Here you will find the story of a girl, who is more then simple, one tall Nordic Goddess, among other aspects of the self, she has that lady like strut in her step. Most of this journey is represented by the vicious and not exaggerating points of views on relating, not just with your one but in the city you are at, were that simple touch of uniqueness brings us to the being we most like about her, as in our selves. “

By writer & artist, Sujaani Prem

C.U.E. (Connect.Unify. Evolve.) Tips: Get a Running Start on your Mind, Body, and Spirit

All my Support and admiration to the great people of this entity.


ImageVolunteers and employees at W.O.M.A.N., Inc. work hard to create a strong, peaceful, and resilient community. To continue to build and sustain our community we need to take care of ourselves and practice self-care. One of the best ways to practice self-care is exercise. To get our members and followers of our newsletter to take an active role in their health, C.U.E. would like to suggest fun new interesting ways to engage in your health.
Who says exercise is boring?  In recent years, a new exercise trend has risen in popularity. It’s called “Themed Running”.  All you need is running shoes, a fun group of people, and you will get lasting memories, all while improving your health. Let’s think of it as running with a really fun twist.  The Color Run, is a great example of a “Themed Run”.  The Color Run is a 5k race (approximately 3 ½ miles)…

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What We Say Matters: The Unseen Scars of Verbal Abuse

it is fine to be more aware for the space that each human being needs in order to grow and expand its self, all this nonsese are just crashes of misunderstanding in a jammed road.


What is Verbal Abuse?

verbal_abuse_by_wiggle777-d36tkyfGoogle “verbal abuse”. When the search results come up, you’ll notice that verbal abuse is often combined with emotional abuse. Other types of abuse that will pop up include physical, financial and sexual. While the psychological effects of verbal abuse and other forms of domestic violence (DV) are emotional, they can be identified by some key markers. Verbal violence is identified as something someone says to another person that intentionally changes their thoughts, feelings or behavior (ie. Verbal abuse is a mode of control). It’s associated with specific verbalizations, such as:

  • Yelling or raising the volume of the voice
  • Criticism, especially for independent achievements
  • Withholding praise, especially for independent achievements
  • Making mean jokes about appearance (“you’re ugly) or abilities (“you’re stupid”)
  • Threatening physical violence
  • Threatening to take something away that is important

Verbal abuse leaves no acute or visible marks of violence. No bruises or physical…

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