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The Evolved Logo


August 2019                            from 2014


There are many things happenings but you can’t forget your logo, it takes the heart of a designer to see through it, it might be a friend or a stranger, maybe from your investment but this logo grows with you making a life changing ideas around the meaning of your work.


From Victoria to London many things had happened. I wont say it has been easy or that it has been possible to achieve my dreams. Going from country to country and trying to fix things has left my project always standing next to me, putting the love the care, the business cards, the office or studio in Victoria, a virtual office in Madrid and London. Having all my possession stolen last month was a braking hit were I come to set my view into what I really love to do.

And to do this, I need friends, commitments, in the place I got now, everyone seems to be starting to take a deeper look at it. It might be superficial, not as I would wish, is perhaps one of this things that make you watch. You want things to go faster, you invest and invest, promote and promote and friends or a partner and friends is all I need right now.

Thank you Richard Phillips for making the last logo, I hope my contribution goes well with you.



Lets Encourage

People need to be encouraged. People need to be reminded of how wonderful they are. People need to be believed in—told that they are brave and smart and capable of accomplishing all the dreams they dream and more. We need to remind each other of this.

This is way I believe in doing blogs into a website to people 🌞

We are like a butterfly, we can be like them, they are as flowers dancing in the air.

Dubai ranked world’s second hottest shopping magnet

I asked a friend, a Mediator has an Investor who wants to purchase an Hotel, I call my connection in Dubai and Shadi states to me, “We don’t sale Hotels in Dubai, we construct them.”

Destination My Dubai

Dubai has presence of 55.7 per cent of international retailers


Dubai has retained its position as the world’s second most important international shopping destination for the fourth consecutive year, closely behind London, according to the 2015 edition of the CBRE report: ‘How Global is the Business of Retail?’.

According to the latest edition of the report by the leading global property advisor, Dubai has a presence of 55.7 per cent of international retailers. Last year saw new international retail brands enter the Dubai market almost on a weekly basis, with 45 global brands entering the emirate’s already bustling retail mix.

Some of the high profile retailers that entered the Dubai market in 2014 included Hollister, Cavalli Caffe and McQ Alexander McQueen opening outlets in the emirate.

The findings of the report confirm that despite a drop in global oil prices, Dubai’s retail sector – one of its primary economic growth…

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Away From Victoria in Spain, Keeping the Work.

Hello every one, I have being connecting from out borders to those people’s creation and work in them blogs. I feel very proud to see two of them studying, 2 others in rehabilitation and continue from here maintaining the little is possible. Would have wish to have find a supportive connection who could continue my work there from Victoria, had reach to many and seems by the moment a continuous work to keep exploring. Mean wile all my work is being saved thanking two other people and they bring me value and faith to return one day with the necessarily budget to invest in so I can pay someone to continue with much more people who only need a breach to find their inner source with the true abundant reality of them so many good people working and waiting for them to be find out.

This work is being dedicated to the people who need Inspiration to focus in their real talent, without judgment or discrimination, without questionings or input with outside ideas whom may be right but is not respectful for the free will and intelligence right of the person to dignify its right to be and how. Just being present and celebrating their virtue with photography, editing film for their own Intelligence form of creation and being to be seeing and revealed.

With this words my prayers so it continues, as I keep truck in my memory device and links so far, there is only much work and trust we form for a higher natural level for the inclusion of society.

I thank all the beautiful Canadians and miss them greatly, I have being in this situation of exclusion for not having my rights to work as a immigrant who has find it self in a black hole, only because of my husband and father of my children, who at the moment could not centre to do paper for alter motives, incapable to put his mind centre. Thanks to this forcing nature that pulled me into this lower ground, for my will to remain with them and an Illusion that did not grant me Canadian ground. Could experience all those who are also in escalating down for the period of 2 years, for other reasons.

This for, stabilising my self working legally in my country to bring my children, thanking we do have people who don’t abuse from the good welfare of others. Free Will, shall be taken with more response for the rights of our own. For moments it seem I was waiting my work energy, but there is a brilliant seed that I trust in all others such as mine to keep raising life. Pray out Loud in this ray of light for some one to reach through and honor my work, now there is many people in risk of loosing their lives down there in Victoria, downtown.

Some times we just have to keep on the light and its time space.

Doing blogs with others is not an easy thing, at the level I’m right now it takes months to take a person into their own momentum, and set them in orbit, as much more wise counsel I had found, the more I persist finding my own methodology, now this is new and just starting to be shown in some university. Could not just do it for my own, is impossible as advice was granted to me, way?


With an alert eye could extract characters who are too powerful in them own to move into the new and learn out the diversity of information and actual needs, or trust others now even they preach to belong to a collective is just a phantom idea where they do not even share a single proper value out there of them own with the whole, they may do it from their to the whole and remain captive to not share feelings as a code of exclusivity.

Finding much value in those who are celebrated with modesty and out fears, had study two styles that match with totally different sources. One is the busy one who can’t put much attention but wants to do it and looses believe and all the steps to its structure, the other has all the free time and loves to hang around and it may look as they are wasting your time, now they sympathize much with the work showing just the moment, but they are always available and fluid to the process.

This ones I find to be more productive actually then the busy ones, the busy ones find more concrete ideas to sabotage their Blog or website to Stop. And the tedious process of doing becomes more tedious for their inability to adapt, so, when I ask they don’t even respond after all the work being made. They want to but the fear in them eyes, obstructs their own creative, they have being teach by parents and teachers, and continue the same process of being employed. At this to copy and do what others raise us to be and think, is such different form of behaviour to the moment of creation.

I’m forward to find both extremes in one point of the balance, interesting as one comes to this observation and some how as I study my own situation with others in order to make the work to its Momentum, will end up with choosing a group only or both better.

This is what “TecVic” is about, not leaving any one behind, and showing both parts the victory at the technic we approach with.

When you are Far away, how you continue your work?


When you are Far away, how you continue your work?

 We are drawn to picture a life that is some times you relize there are still unexplored realities. And you have to jump to it and alloud the missing Gaps conclude them selfs in your job.

If you are travelling you will know who is active in internet and who is willing to continue a job, I recomend that during your working days, to stablish a friedly client email, facebook base. It is not truth that we are all here and there as we go, no. I have function many proyects and continued by internet and phone, when action and prepearing. You will notice whom of the people you are working have a concept or reality to the work. Building blogs for people who are talented does not mean it will be easy, till get it on them own. One must keep focus, upgrating and moving it. If not you, who will and the same proyection goes with out surrounding.

All the pictures you have saved and videos you can edit and upgrate as you are far away, and keep connection to those in touch. Believe me that many times, it only takes you to be there for some one. And what best if is real, a real person!

Making your tribe, dance.

Much Love to all from Madrid, Missing Victoria and them people so much.

Patricia Plasencia

When We Think and Act for that Works

 I have being studding the people that surround me, the facilities of the governments and those of organizations and companies, the system of education as well and reinforcements of job. At this I see many  people lost and abandoned, not by the resources but mostly by the lack of emotional background to be able to remain focus and balance, there is a certain rejection and a little inner autistic that wishes to do everything by its own, some times would say psychotic and to some extremes incompetent, and I had seeing talented people and genius too who fail for this extravagant luxury they cant really afford and keep on creating delusional dreams to conquer some one, some path that will work in them own.


 What so ever is out there, we must interact in basic needs a formality of hours to be able to focus and gather with our economics and maths an instrumental weight in oder to invest in our dream work. In many of this, we could choose a career that surrounds this goal, even if is cleaning its floors or organizing its papers, one can study the surrounding and feel more comfortable. We can have simple jobs that will help invest in our career and studies, in our founding to meet those people, to have credits as well, but specially and most to be reliable. To have a mental and emotional reliability brings a stable structure not just onto our selves system of believe but to all others who surround us. We may tend to be with people that are more loose, in the go or we may tend to be with people who find free moments to be free and in the go, yet, among all this we must jump from one system of believe group to an other in order to define our selves.

  Who has the luxury to be a painter? or a musician? way are this people hurt and humiliated, pushed from society, the Government does not need poets or those who embrace with beauty our cities, it is most of an understandings of producing money, and this values must come back to our source as a society to invest in those of our communities. We have come in grips of profound Isolation when we come to meet the post talented philosophers with out masters, in the streets, abandoned, the most beautiful and sensitive musicians dress as bearers. I do not think is the drugs, I do think they can only play music, they can only paint, they could only jump around the fire as a shaman and find healing with their form of love and chantings. This are the people who make our society more beautiful, this are the people we carry in our hearts not only in the TV, Movies and Magazines, it seems as just a few artist are recognized to the world, and art shall be free or a luxury, other wise, a sweet curse.

  We do have crazy people who are growing in huge proportions against our system of believe, we like it or not, the Government and the City is so concerned for the direction of events, creating new organizations such as ambulances new teams, putting the police aside, we have a huge community in the underworld coming down, our institutions are changing and we need to communicate to them, to support them, we need to be friendly with them and express our needs, what we see, how could we help, how occult create the sensibility to act for one an other with out having to see damage in our paths.

  For this our thoughts may act in a direction that works, there is professional who will show us the ways, what is happening, there is much information going on right now and is free, we love to share it as we go, we have much entities to learn and Internet as a great encyclopedia of the now happenings too. In our work, we must define the frame time of our purpose to create and always search towards the light, not fight, construct our selves more flexible and solid, consolidate with both and to not get harm in the middle.

 In this letter of today Inspired by a girl who had end up in the streets and from being normal a few months ago is not recovering from her schizophrenia, suffering in agony, I thank those who gather with me and talk over, for days and find it with ideas a solution, and insist openly talking with those who are in charge or hold knowledgeably as we had gather much were we keep on so she finds a place just relax out that given torment. My beloved Underworld, there is no need to suffer, we must clean our dead ends as humans and come together is the most beautiful thing we could give our children our day, a better world, locally for each.

Supporting Victorious Victoria Project

ChangingtheProgram “Tec Vic is always here to support our Blogs.”

Is being a paradise to count in our friends to be able to share some intimacy of perception when you have to stop before the camera or for example design your Blog. I may say there is a bunch of people who luck with the power of will. I’m indeed one who is always striving for perfection and have find it very easy for me along the journey of all one achieves. I look at every ones Blog into a website and wonder what will happen?

It is important to focus with other counsellors who bring me ideas when I present worries, it is very funny because all this structures and putting many people who do Blogs away from the Office. And with this it grants me more power for those who are really in search of discovering their journey in it. It’s being 7 Blogs I have let go, this people wish me to do it for them, or they want to take my desk, or they want a relationship with me. I do wish to work with people who value others work, I can only volunteer for people who are doing nothing. I do find that there must be a few who really need and appreciate my work for free.

We Opened in Facebook Victorious Victoria and is really nice to meet Interesting people of this city. here with some of the shoots for Victorious Victoria. Thank you all for just being here in this now, in Victoria.

IMGP1808 IMGP1811 IMGP1817 IMGP1821 IMGP1823

At The Empress Bonding for Style


 The music granted a delightful setting to our senses, as I meet with our Stylist for Tecvic. I really adore every single detail of your being, for example even an African Tribe has its decor to the Gods in their sacred form of love and care, this is my admiration not to replace but to put for what is already there. I’m looking to bring the best out of you for your own Blog into a website, this out your own perspective.

  As we march and dance with our work, we celebrate the way we look at the world the way we participate with it.

 There are so much tendencies and trades that are leaving history in a mark, this is our print. This is your print, this is my print, my feet in the ground my own path to discover and develop my life, also you. Some how we must find a matching blend into all this. As a Photographer and Composer, I’m telling you to admire others and your self, deep inside for your Blog into a website for your depths out into the sky for what you really like to be seeing for.

 I made her this picture for her Blog, she showed me the History of the Empress Building, my favorite in Victoria City, with more time will name her after her blog is being complete. Many people take my time and I make them many pictures that can be in the cover of a Magazine, but for some reason, they do not all make it to their blog.

  Expectations, fear of success, attractions for investing in problems, run away from what is a real concept in this earth, manipulations to sabotage one self with indulgence, laziness or a mind that is just happy.

 Will end up to say, fear of transformation creation and anything that is a threat to the old ego, to the old psychosis, that had find comfort in belonging to a certain crowd or a sense of isolated limbo. We will always keep searching and admiring the outside world, being our self’s forming a part as we celebrate it, taking it less personal and less critical into the whole of creation as its work starts happening by it self. Loosing effort and finding the right balance and Harmonie to flow with abundance. This is what the meaning of the word Glamor comes from, is the art of the senses for how to  respect certain codes of understanding through those movements and sensations.

 In The Stylist I had melt by her hands touching my hair, and breathing the health of an Imperial Empress Hotel, and it was the best time I had in 2 years. Thank you for being with me, thank you.