Getting Ready

Getting Ready Before Our Meeting.

One of the things one will remember from our first meeting is that we don’t have to meet necessarily in our office; we can meet online, in your mail, your Facebook or at  any GT Hiring Center.

  1. When we meet, you will have ready after thinking and      designing in your mind what is that you want to make. So be ready because we will grant you a special note      book with the sides of a passport you can take with you every were. Keeping      in truck at all times and having the require information at had.
  2. We Will Go Through a bunch of Basic Questions, is not an inquisitional to dig the truth out of you,  so know it before you come. Ones you      enter in this dialogue of never ending questions and results trading      system you will latter be rolling on your own focus, not just of the      Imaginary side of your mind to be able to compose but of the so legitimate      reason in effect how things work in the outer world that concretes this      path.
  3. There is a list of names you will like to start having      for your web site; no matter      you start with a blog. If you like it to be fit in a business card, make      it small. Or Minimize the Sentence = OMTS.  Think of your name or the entity as such,       it can be also your favorite      letters were you latter pick up words from each to form your company. It      can be inspired in something that has nothing to do with it also, like apple      did and so on, can be a Goddess like Nike was, the one Victory for the      Olympians, etc… Bring your list of names, the more the better. We will analyze      these names, and select the best, till the end. For what is available.
  4. We are based in an organized religion to the matrix,  so you must be      aware that just your being is supporting the cause already.  If we did not ask you for money, is      because we presume you may really need it and if there is a deal for      recycling computers,  or other sorts      of investments we will gather for your needs a computer, a phone, a memory      card to go on. Is not a religion, but a play set for work. That will be      your own religion and devotion. With this be honest to your own needs and      tell us so we can work in faster continuation.
  5. Technical problems in your computer, we may have the need it parts and or programs, but in      some cases you may have to find it your own or let us get it online for      you. We work with recycling computers to recover what so many technicians      send you away to get a new computer, now they will take too many hours      working it and the time is too valuable. Most of the time, they make money      selling the new parts, to them companies.
  6. Bring one basic Email that will work for all your      interconnections, this generation could care      less who you are in your private life, what is coming is most of an open      book, who cares what do you do and how much you have. This generation is      about letting the free energy role and work.
  7. We      are working in getting recycling computers to put together and give away      who those in need, we are not      base on working so just seat in the sofa with it and chit chat and be      entertained only . It must be something better we like you to go for, so      think before coming now any one could tell if you like to make a more      beautiful world.

If I could inspire a few at the same time, it will make me advance with the set up frame of mind you have achieved before coming to Tec Vic.

There is one Story Here, we all must recall we look at our creation. That is not us, but it carries our name.

_In reality, Frankenstein is the surname of the doctor who created the monster in Mary Shelley’s novel – Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The proper term for the beast is “Frankenstein’s monster” (yes, how creative). The confusion is likely due to movie adaptations of the tale, in which far more emphasis is placed on the monster as the main character.


   To explain you the metaphor could be an insensitive to your Intelligentsia, inner-genius, the part of you who thinks and matches things together. One you have read the steps before coming to build your computer and or web solutions, blog, web site. You got an idea what a freaky couple can be. You “The Doctor” and the Creation that by others takes your Domain (website or blog)  and you just stop being your self for the sakes of maintaining your monster alive.

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