We are together not just walking, working and interacting with our fellow ones as caring to our self and our people by personalized concepts that design the domain of our self’s. In this manner our work experience can relate as an agenda of events and portfolio information by doing our Interactive website and actualizing it from our IPhone or Android, we also keep picturing how great it is to link with others and be linked to gain a better day at work.

1. There is also a computer new skill you must learn to grow with as time passes to achieve synchronicity with the outer world and your actions, what ever it is and is not just for entertainment, or a hobby, is a must at everything that represents us in function in optimum work.

2. By showing your work, by interacting with your clients and colleges, by exposing your favorite studies, by letting the voice role on the most advanced social skills for your neighborhood, to help others, to bring your self out from every working detail, daily or weekly, monthly if need it.


 I’m Patricia Plasencia and I Volunteer my job so you teach me how you are and I try to picture it out with that working stat you got. For me is Simple, so it will for you. From there to your Business card, then the plan is a never ending plot of life, out a web, out a blog. That works.


Web Solutions & Image Interface.

Your page/ Your Contact/ Your vision, hobbie, work/ You name it/

Is being a Myth that continues, were the old times become more particularly involve to our new achievements, especially now days around the interaction of our goals and the tendencies we persist in.
Web Communications, for working and self image, studies and, or Development is one of the most important matters to the commune sense to our civilization. We must have a good matching computer and Android Mobile Phone or IPhone, IPad or else.


  Were we can work in the go and use the traveling time as moments to think and send messages and dialogue for the needs to be covered daily with out missing any second of the day to our tasks.

Turn a light, it just take one flame of introspection to the your whole room, your self, your business, your deal with reality, that you have work and study so far that I’m ready to witness and form with you. As easy as already is, just a fundamental structure to bring form and enlighten a big part of your life with the interaction that is to form you. From blogs, to multimedia interfaces people are becoming more closer to show them specific development in ways to support others as such.

Some may do it for fun, or for an inspirational tool, families gatherings but still remains a unique connection that relates and keeps us to belong on to something we believe that must be shared.
We will help you understand the levels you want to achieve with electronics and perhaps create your own website, blog, interconnection through Facebook, twitter, MySpace or just one that shows that you are on the edge.


Get Your Blog or Web Site

Get a prepaid card in here link in or in your favorite store.

  1.   Can be used everywhere Visa* is accepted, including online.
    Get a reloadable Visa prepaid card for yourself or a Visa gift card for friends and family.
  2. Find out where to buy a Canada Post prepaid Visa card or gift card near you.
  3. Now lets Open our Minds for your Blog to be a Web Site, I mean you just put 20 dollars online for domain, that will work for each year.

There are many topics to talk about doing your blog or wen site, but I just like you to start with the easiness, log in to your own website. Basically you can start with the blog in WordPress paying nothing, and if you like your website domain to be yourname.com or yourname.org just pay dollars per year and there you have it.

get in WordPress.com
Log in with your email or mail and put your password.

From your android phone or application, create your page on the go, upload a picture and write something for the day that you have find or elaborate in your thinking mind in progress, adjusted or add to an existing page.

All it takes is to have the good luck to meet some one like us, to make you jump in to your own. It is very important to get the world interconnecting and building awareness in what ever is them work. See in one multiple connection among the all of the business, a matrix or system of your own phenomena out your mind.


 Also this application helps you in your curriculum or in your business card as one more assent but, just imagine the opportunity to comment with all your co-workers, colleges or master-learners of such areas. Your hobby or second job, in a few years can become your number one stage in your life, the more hours you invest in it and always your website will show it among all you have achieve and are ready to celebrate, sale or give, how ever you like to name it because it is yours.

This are the reasons people tell me not, because is all technology and I belong to a world were already works by it self, no, no I’m fine, or what is that? people know me and they refer my phone number to get my work…dah, da, da old song.


  I cant tell you way if you cant experience it, is like talking to a virgin, about the power of an orgy, in jokes what I call a .org because you know what, also the future will have more and more organizations, that word for the very cause of them very job in order to aid others and the investment of the work to be a assent to very job, stop greediness companies who just wants to suck other peoples blood for one leader, come on. Way get your website, because the world is moving is changing and you must upgrade your self unless you like to listen to the radio like your grand, grandma, this time is going faster and nicer so way not enjoy it, way not open your mind and share with others in the world, this is not just your web site is your master piece creation to share with other peoples master piece creation. This is what I always call, you TV channel generation coming, and I have being there working project in NYC 2005, USA, at http://www.verizon.com were they use to sale seats to universities to meet online, from 7.000 dollars for 15 people to 45.ooo dollars for 300 people. Some you can get for free now, and wont say his last name but the visionary John, a super Intelligent Jewish man who teach so much said, “I’m selling my part of the company millionaire company let me tell you, because its all going free with the yahoo groups and will jump before them eyes get to see it in them minds…” This evolution I’m so proudly to present.

Trust, the one behind web solutions in Tec Vic, is being a role player fro the year 2006, an internet base site for interactive writers, I have being a visionary taking care of many groups of writers called Kingdoms around the fictional world and linking them together with stories.

With some have find hackers and a multiple existence of wars and dramas that would basically deal to fiction, non reality and a much amount of delusional people who have nothing real to bring to this world but a brain damage or a great compassion of understanding for characters and the characteristics of way them kingdoms come together, prevail or fall, some change. And still so long so far you may find me there in a imaginary internet world of writers In the Kingdom of France, of Hell, of Romania, or The Lost City of Petra were disciples meet them masters and yet is here were I like to be most.

Meeting real people, meeting them needs the more I bring some one online with them pure domain, my eyes glitter because a real person is truly giving something real to this world, some one who is maybe yet to discover and I’m one of the first persons to bring a wide cannon in to the world.

Making your Company or Organization is to have the courage to bring awareness to such genius, or innocent ones who carry a strong cause, is so fantastic for me to picture the gardener who works it or meet questions to bring in them pages, to focus with the camera that very angle that inspires to the next a bright or deep sentence of the work, at least from the start. This is what makes my life meaningful and handy to the real human part of my existence. Its reasonable and its form by a pragmatic input to find in you your very best. Your own Kingdom.

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