The Evolved Logo


August 2019                            from 2014


There are many things happenings but you can’t forget your logo, it takes the heart of a designer to see through it, it might be a friend or a stranger, maybe from your investment but this logo grows with you making a life changing ideas around the meaning of your work.


From Victoria to London many things had happened. I wont say it has been easy or that it has been possible to achieve my dreams. Going from country to country and trying to fix things has left my project always standing next to me, putting the love the care, the business cards, the office or studio in Victoria, a virtual office in Madrid and London. Having all my possession stolen last month was a braking hit were I come to set my view into what I really love to do.

And to do this, I need friends, commitments, in the place I got now, everyone seems to be starting to take a deeper look at it. It might be superficial, not as I would wish, is perhaps one of this things that make you watch. You want things to go faster, you invest and invest, promote and promote and friends or a partner and friends is all I need right now.

Thank you Richard Phillips for making the last logo, I hope my contribution goes well with you.



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