Away From Victoria in Spain, Keeping the Work.

Hello every one, I have being connecting from out borders to those people’s creation and work in them blogs. I feel very proud to see two of them studying, 2 others in rehabilitation and continue from here maintaining the little is possible. Would have wish to have find a supportive connection who could continue my work there from Victoria, had reach to many and seems by the moment a continuous work to keep exploring. Mean wile all my work is being saved thanking two other people and they bring me value and faith to return one day with the necessarily budget to invest in so I can pay someone to continue with much more people who only need a breach to find their inner source with the true abundant reality of them so many good people working and waiting for them to be find out.

This work is being dedicated to the people who need Inspiration to focus in their real talent, without judgment or discrimination, without questionings or input with outside ideas whom may be right but is not respectful for the free will and intelligence right of the person to dignify its right to be and how. Just being present and celebrating their virtue with photography, editing film for their own Intelligence form of creation and being to be seeing and revealed.

With this words my prayers so it continues, as I keep truck in my memory device and links so far, there is only much work and trust we form for a higher natural level for the inclusion of society.

I thank all the beautiful Canadians and miss them greatly, I have being in this situation of exclusion for not having my rights to work as a immigrant who has find it self in a black hole, only because of my husband and father of my children, who at the moment could not centre to do paper for alter motives, incapable to put his mind centre. Thanks to this forcing nature that pulled me into this lower ground, for my will to remain with them and an Illusion that did not grant me Canadian ground. Could experience all those who are also in escalating down for the period of 2 years, for other reasons.

This for, stabilising my self working legally in my country to bring my children, thanking we do have people who don’t abuse from the good welfare of others. Free Will, shall be taken with more response for the rights of our own. For moments it seem I was waiting my work energy, but there is a brilliant seed that I trust in all others such as mine to keep raising life. Pray out Loud in this ray of light for some one to reach through and honor my work, now there is many people in risk of loosing their lives down there in Victoria, downtown.

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