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Some times we just have to keep on the light and its time space.

Doing blogs with others is not an easy thing, at the level I’m right now it takes months to take a person into their own momentum, and set them in orbit, as much more wise counsel I had found, the more I persist finding my own methodology, now this is new and just starting to be shown in some university. Could not just do it for my own, is impossible as advice was granted to me, way?


With an alert eye could extract characters who are too powerful in them own to move into the new and learn out the diversity of information and actual needs, or trust others now even they preach to belong to a collective is just a phantom idea where they do not even share a single proper value out there of them own with the whole, they may do it from their to the whole and remain captive to not share feelings as a code of exclusivity.

Finding much value in those who are celebrated with modesty and out fears, had study two styles that match with totally different sources. One is the busy one who can’t put much attention but wants to do it and looses believe and all the steps to its structure, the other has all the free time and loves to hang around and it may look as they are wasting your time, now they sympathize much with the work showing just the moment, but they are always available and fluid to the process.

This ones I find to be more productive actually then the busy ones, the busy ones find more concrete ideas to sabotage their Blog or website to Stop. And the tedious process of doing becomes more tedious for their inability to adapt, so, when I ask they don’t even respond after all the work being made. They want to but the fear in them eyes, obstructs their own creative, they have being teach by parents and teachers, and continue the same process of being employed. At this to copy and do what others raise us to be and think, is such different form of behaviour to the moment of creation.

I’m forward to find both extremes in one point of the balance, interesting as one comes to this observation and some how as I study my own situation with others in order to make the work to its Momentum, will end up with choosing a group only or both better.

This is what “TecVic” is about, not leaving any one behind, and showing both parts the victory at the technic we approach with.

When you are Far away, how you continue your work?


When you are Far away, how you continue your work?

 We are drawn to picture a life that is some times you relize there are still unexplored realities. And you have to jump to it and alloud the missing Gaps conclude them selfs in your job.

If you are travelling you will know who is active in internet and who is willing to continue a job, I recomend that during your working days, to stablish a friedly client email, facebook base. It is not truth that we are all here and there as we go, no. I have function many proyects and continued by internet and phone, when action and prepearing. You will notice whom of the people you are working have a concept or reality to the work. Building blogs for people who are talented does not mean it will be easy, till get it on them own. One must keep focus, upgrating and moving it. If not you, who will and the same proyection goes with out surrounding.

All the pictures you have saved and videos you can edit and upgrate as you are far away, and keep connection to those in touch. Believe me that many times, it only takes you to be there for some one. And what best if is real, a real person!

Making your tribe, dance.

Much Love to all from Madrid, Missing Victoria and them people so much.

Patricia Plasencia