When We Think and Act for that Works

 I have being studding the people that surround me, the facilities of the governments and those of organizations and companies, the system of education as well and reinforcements of job. At this I see many  people lost and abandoned, not by the resources but mostly by the lack of emotional background to be able to remain focus and balance, there is a certain rejection and a little inner autistic that wishes to do everything by its own, some times would say psychotic and to some extremes incompetent, and I had seeing talented people and genius too who fail for this extravagant luxury they cant really afford and keep on creating delusional dreams to conquer some one, some path that will work in them own.


 What so ever is out there, we must interact in basic needs a formality of hours to be able to focus and gather with our economics and maths an instrumental weight in oder to invest in our dream work. In many of this, we could choose a career that surrounds this goal, even if is cleaning its floors or organizing its papers, one can study the surrounding and feel more comfortable. We can have simple jobs that will help invest in our career and studies, in our founding to meet those people, to have credits as well, but specially and most to be reliable. To have a mental and emotional reliability brings a stable structure not just onto our selves system of believe but to all others who surround us. We may tend to be with people that are more loose, in the go or we may tend to be with people who find free moments to be free and in the go, yet, among all this we must jump from one system of believe group to an other in order to define our selves.

  Who has the luxury to be a painter? or a musician? way are this people hurt and humiliated, pushed from society, the Government does not need poets or those who embrace with beauty our cities, it is most of an understandings of producing money, and this values must come back to our source as a society to invest in those of our communities. We have come in grips of profound Isolation when we come to meet the post talented philosophers with out masters, in the streets, abandoned, the most beautiful and sensitive musicians dress as bearers. I do not think is the drugs, I do think they can only play music, they can only paint, they could only jump around the fire as a shaman and find healing with their form of love and chantings. This are the people who make our society more beautiful, this are the people we carry in our hearts not only in the TV, Movies and Magazines, it seems as just a few artist are recognized to the world, and art shall be free or a luxury, other wise, a sweet curse.

  We do have crazy people who are growing in huge proportions against our system of believe, we like it or not, the Government and the City is so concerned for the direction of events, creating new organizations such as ambulances new teams, putting the police aside, we have a huge community in the underworld coming down, our institutions are changing and we need to communicate to them, to support them, we need to be friendly with them and express our needs, what we see, how could we help, how occult create the sensibility to act for one an other with out having to see damage in our paths.

  For this our thoughts may act in a direction that works, there is professional who will show us the ways, what is happening, there is much information going on right now and is free, we love to share it as we go, we have much entities to learn and Internet as a great encyclopedia of the now happenings too. In our work, we must define the frame time of our purpose to create and always search towards the light, not fight, construct our selves more flexible and solid, consolidate with both and to not get harm in the middle.

 In this letter of today Inspired by a girl who had end up in the streets and from being normal a few months ago is not recovering from her schizophrenia, suffering in agony, I thank those who gather with me and talk over, for days and find it with ideas a solution, and insist openly talking with those who are in charge or hold knowledgeably as we had gather much were we keep on so she finds a place just relax out that given torment. My beloved Underworld, there is no need to suffer, we must clean our dead ends as humans and come together is the most beautiful thing we could give our children our day, a better world, locally for each.

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