At The Empress Bonding for Style


 The music granted a delightful setting to our senses, as I meet with our Stylist for Tecvic. I really adore every single detail of your being, for example even an African Tribe has its decor to the Gods in their sacred form of love and care, this is my admiration not to replace but to put for what is already there. I’m looking to bring the best out of you for your own Blog into a website, this out your own perspective.

  As we march and dance with our work, we celebrate the way we look at the world the way we participate with it.

 There are so much tendencies and trades that are leaving history in a mark, this is our print. This is your print, this is my print, my feet in the ground my own path to discover and develop my life, also you. Some how we must find a matching blend into all this. As a Photographer and Composer, I’m telling you to admire others and your self, deep inside for your Blog into a website for your depths out into the sky for what you really like to be seeing for.

 I made her this picture for her Blog, she showed me the History of the Empress Building, my favorite in Victoria City, with more time will name her after her blog is being complete. Many people take my time and I make them many pictures that can be in the cover of a Magazine, but for some reason, they do not all make it to their blog.

  Expectations, fear of success, attractions for investing in problems, run away from what is a real concept in this earth, manipulations to sabotage one self with indulgence, laziness or a mind that is just happy.

 Will end up to say, fear of transformation creation and anything that is a threat to the old ego, to the old psychosis, that had find comfort in belonging to a certain crowd or a sense of isolated limbo. We will always keep searching and admiring the outside world, being our self’s forming a part as we celebrate it, taking it less personal and less critical into the whole of creation as its work starts happening by it self. Loosing effort and finding the right balance and Harmonie to flow with abundance. This is what the meaning of the word Glamor comes from, is the art of the senses for how to  respect certain codes of understanding through those movements and sensations.

 In The Stylist I had melt by her hands touching my hair, and breathing the health of an Imperial Empress Hotel, and it was the best time I had in 2 years. Thank you for being with me, thank you.

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