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What is going to happen this week in Tec Vic


   We will be organizing the schedule as we move forwards with the decoration. That is nothing! Clear more the space, now the Photo Shoot is ready for Jessy all her clothe well Iron, and Daven is still in ambivalence with his own emotions for his Tuxedo, Parliament Shoot. 

  1. Here, Just the Drum Base and Stereos in the corners so we can have mediation, Dance and the talking Session.
  2. Move the Tables inside the corner, or not.
  3. Continue with Kelly for the Yoga Flier onto the schedule.
  4. Working with Ariana for her Dream Work, basically she is a Genius in this form nothing will be said till she is ready to conform it,  so her Blog has start off!
  5. I see is going strong now she is a top writer, thank you!
  6. Upload all the pictures for
  7. Reconstruct the website for tecvic, in the are of schedules, always preparing.
  8. Edition of the movie for Yesshimua and create her Blog.
  9. Create more post cards to invite people to the talk.
  10. Thank you all for this space.

“There is a Matrix”


Hello all of you out there

We are here Supporting our friends in the renovation of their work and the continuation from hardish experience and much knowledge to find great sources onto a better life that contains less needs and more satisfaction for life. Thanks for coming, we enjoyed the altruist work of providing to each other.

life changes for addictions

I have just joined this site in hopes to realize my goals and dreams that I plan to put into action. This is supposed to be a safe place for people of any age to post, to enquire, to seek support, advice and to just converse. 

This site focuses on people between 12 and 40 who struggle with life and life’s challenges, be it surroundings, upbringing, traumas, abuse, violence, crime, bullying, troubles improving one’s life and alternatives to paths that led into destruction and misery. Image

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